Friday, June 16, 2006

Log 47 A - MINI-TOUR - May 18-21, 2006 Monaco, Formula 1 Historic Grand Prix

We feel so fortunate to have stumbled onto the Monaco Grand Prix Formula One.  Below is a compilation of our couple days at this amazing event. 

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Powerful advertising in the streets

Formula One motor by Ferrari

Ferrari 312T from around 1975

1970 Tyrrell 001 - 3 liter unsupercharged

Joel up close in the pits.

Not sure - pre 1947 Ferrari?

1955 Maserati 250 F

1976 Lotus 77, once driven by Mario Andretti

Junior Formula One - motors in front - race around track

Watching from our seats Ferrari "parade" - past to present - loud and fast!

Current Ferrari - so loud - cool sound.

Current Ferrari F1 negotiating the turns